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73123L Franke Slewing Ring Bearings

Brand Name Franke
Model Number 73123L
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

da139 mm
Oil Holes3 mm
D210 mm
Mounting Hole Countersink Diameter14 mm
Da157 mm
Chamfer1.5 mm
Mounting Hole Countersink Depth8.6 mm
Inner rings PCD112 mm
d90 mm
Static Load Rating80.2 kN
B25 mm
Outer rings PCD187 mm
Dynamic Load Rating46 kN
Number of Mounting Holes12
Thread SizeM3
Mounting Hole Size9 mm


66168L Franke Slewing Ring Bearingsd:90 mm; D:130 mm; B:16 mm; Radius:1 mm; Oil Holes:2.5 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:30.8 kN; Static Load Rating:47.4 kN; da:104 mm; Da:120 mm;
66170L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsOil Holes2.5 mmRadius1 mmda117 mmDynamic Load Rating40.4 kNStatic Load Rating63.6 kND150 mmB20 mmDa132 mmd100 mm
66163L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsB:35 mm; Oil Holes:3 mm; d:200 mm; Static Load Rating:277.4 kN; Radius:2 mm; D:295 mm; Da:258 mm; da:238 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:155.9 kN;
73119L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsOuter rings PCD187 mmMounting Hole Depth8.6 mmd90 mmStatic Load Rating80.2 kNOil Holes3 mmMounting Hole Countersink Diameter14 mmda139 mmThread SizeM8Mounting Hole Size9 mmNumber of Mounting Holes12D210 mmDynamic Load Rating46 kNDa157 mmInner rings PCD112 mmChamfer1.5 mmB25 mm
66157L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsStatic Load Rating:23.4 kN; da:57.2 mm; Da:72 mm; D:80 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:18.9 kN; B:13 mm; d:50 mm; Oil Holes:2 mm; Radius:0.6 mm;
73118L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsDa339 mmd300 mmOil Holes2.5 mmD360 mmda317 mmStatic Load Rating246.5 kNB25 mmDynamic Load Rating100.6 kNRadius2.5 mm
66160L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsD:70 mm; Static Load Rating:12.5 kN; d:45 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:9.6 kN; Radius:0.6 mm; Oil Holes:1.5 mm; B:10 mm; da:50 mm; Da:61.8 mm;
73112L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsDa132 mmMounting Hole Countersink Depth5.4 mmMounting Hole Countersink Diameter9.5 mmda117 mmD165 mmNumber of Mounting Holes10Thread SizeM3Mounting Hole Size5.5 mmOil Holes3 mmDynamic Load Rating40.4 kNB22 mmChamfer1 mmOuter rings PCD148 mmInner rings PCD97 mmd80 mmStatic Load Rating63.6 kN
73113L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsChamfer1 mmDynamic Load Rating40.4 kNOuter rings PCD148 mmD165 mmMounting Hole Countersink Diameter9.5 mmB22 mmMounting Hole Size5.5 mmda117 mmDa132 mmThread SizeM3Number of Mounting Holes10Mounting Hole Countersink Depth5.4 mmInner rings PCD97 mmStatic Load Rating63.6 kNd80 mmOil Holes3 mm
66167L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsOuter rings PCD:187 mm; Mounting Hole Depth:8.6 mm; d:90 mm; Static Load Rating:80.2 kN; Oil Holes:3 mm; Mounting Hole Countersink Diameter:14 mm; da:139 mm; Thread Size:M8; Mounting Hole Size:9 mm; Number of Mounting Holes:12; D:210 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:46 kN; Da:157 mm; Inner rings PCD:112 mm;
73106L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsB16 mmD120 mmRadius0.6 mmStatic Load Rating44.8 kNda92 mmDa109 mmDynamic Load Rating30.2 kNOil Holes2.5 mmd80 mm
73111L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsD280 mmOil Holes3 mmB30 mmStatic Load Rating242 kNDynamic Load Rating122.9 kNd200 mmDa248 mmRadius2 mmda231 mm
66151L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsRadius:2 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:90.5 kN; Da:279 mm; da:257 mm; Static Load Rating:200.6 kN; d:240 mm; B:25 mm; Oil Holes:2.5 mm; D:300 mm;
73124L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsRadius1 mmStatic Load Rating50.3 kNOil Holes2.5 mmDa143 mmd120 mmDynamic Load Rating28.1 kNda126 mmD150 mmB16 mm
73125L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsInner rings PCD97 mmStatic Load Rating63.6 kNOuter rings PCD148 mmB22 mmOil Holes3 mmDynamic Load Rating40.4 kNMounting Hole Countersink Diameter9.5 mmd80 mmChamfer1 mmda117 mmDa132 mmNumber of Mounting Holes10Mounting Hole Size5.5 mmD165 mm
73107L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsOil Holes3 mmd400 mmRadius2.5 mmD480 mmDynamic Load Rating219.4 kNStatic Load Rating523.9 kNda426 mmB35 mmDa447 mm
66152L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsOil Holes:2.5 mm; Radius:1.5 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:69.5 kN; D:200 mm; Da:178 mm; da:161 mm; Static Load Rating:120.6 kN; B:25 mm; d:140 mm;
66149L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsStatic Load Rating:103.6 kN; da:183 mm; D:220 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:52.3 kN; B:20 mm; Da:203 mm; Radius:1.5 mm; d:170 mm; Oil Holes:2.5 mm;



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